10 MAY - 10 JULY

Welcome to «Carousel”, an introspective exploration by Alexander Kozlov on the profound theme that life unfolds like a series of interconnected yet repetitive cycles. In this exhibition, Alexander Kozlov @alexander.igorevich presents a thought-provoking perspective that life mirrors the rhythmic motion of a carousel—constantly turning, evolving, and yet returning to familiar points. Through various artistic expressions, the artist invites us to contemplate the cyclical nature of existence.Each artwork featured here encapsulates moments of joy, sorrow, love, and loss—echoes of experiences that, while unique to each individual, reflect universal themes of human existence. Just as the carousel’s horses rise and fall with each rotation, our lives too ebb and flow through seasons of change.Through this collection artist challenges us to embrace the beauty and inevitability of life’s cycles. Just as the carousel’s music plays on, so too does our journey—unfolding in a symphony of repetition and renewal.Join us on this reflective journey!

Venue: DIFC, Burj Daman Tower

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